My Thirty Days

I was really excited a month ago to start a job with Working America. I met a lot of great people and got a great start on some projects. But because of a schedule that was harming my mind and body, unrealistic pressure I was putting on myself, and increased anxiety that resulted in attacks I had to leave a job I was starting to like. I began a heavy fight with my own mind. I am not out of the woods yet. I am healing.
I don’t talk about this much on FB but I have bipolar. I have been afraid to talk openly about it because people and employers can be very cruel. Some of you know me and know about my struggle with diagnosis and treatment, but many of you don’t. For those of you that don’t, now you do and I am going to do a better job of talking about it because silence hasn’t done me any good. Truthfully, it doesn’t do anyone any good to stay silent about their illness because ultimately the conversation can be what heals you.
I’m going to use this space to talk about my life with bipolar when I can, as much as I can, for the next thirty days and beyond. I cannot promise that what I say will be popular or even relevant for everyone. I can promise that it will be true and that I’ll say something every day, even if it is just a simple report on how I am feeling. I will not be offended if you unfollow or defriend, but I hope you’ll stick around. There’s healing in staying present for one another.
There are some people I want to thank for their support. Anice Schervish Chenault, I love you. Katie Schervish Jordan, love you bunches as well (though not as much as your sister.) Peg Schervish, love you too.

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