Moving to Louisville

So many thoughts about leaving MD.
Getting here was quite a challenge. We had a near collapse in the opportunity that would bring us here. Then we had to sell the house and at multiple points there were issues and challenges that felt so crazy and oddly timed. That culminated in a move beset by the largest snowstorm in recent DC metro history. Who would have predicted record breaking thundersnow when you are moving everything you own?
But we made it. All our stuff, surprisingly, made the trip with us.
Truthfully, it often feels like a real coup that we even made it out. It took quite a bit of work and luck to make it. Anice and I often look at each other in wonder, both feeling like a crew at the end of a heist film with our loot.
Justice has settled into a new routine with, as he often shouts, ‘new friends!’ He is still exploring the house, finding new places to play and hide. His grandparents are close by, a fact he is now well aware of. They are exhausted by him I am sure, but they love him so much I imagine they don’t really care.
I’ll let Anice tell her story when she’s ready, but I will say the three weeks away from her felt long.
Am I sad to have left friends? Yes. Am I sad to have left the area? No. It was time to find a life and pace worth living. The action and excitement of the area doesn’t thrill me like it once did. My activism is still here and I still have passion, but my life is more important to me now. It requires a blending of the two that honors both needs. Changes…
If you visit we have room. There’s also bourbon. That’s important.

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