My Brain is Two Years Old!

I can’t believe we’re already at two years since my first post.
Status Report: Living in KY is great, though I have been on the road a lot. I’m really looking forward to more time at home, though it has been good fun doing my job for U.S. Labor Against the War.
On the ever-so-difficult emotional health front, I am constantly reminded that when I’m playing my cards right I can get anything done and still be able to manage how I am feeling. But I need to respect my physical health too and take a break (like I am today, for the most part.) Exercise can be harder to pull off but I’m recognizing the need to get off my ass and move. Sometimes it can even be fun!
Two years ago, I had a rough time and it got pretty deep pretty fast. But it didn’t last. Nothing stays the same forever. Something to keep in my back pocket when seas get rough…
All my bipolar folks out there, remember that you aren’t by yourself in this. At minimum, you got me. Reach out if you need help, take a break if you need a break, and don’t forget to drink a glass of goddamn water. Your body and your mind need that shit and we need you.

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