Time Travel Side Effects

Taking a week off was a beautiful idea.  

Doing laundry, interspersed with nap time, is making plenty of room for the hard work to come.

J has been a masterful teacher.  We play and laugh at silly things, but when it is time to be serious we are SERIOUS.  All business, this kid.

My body is helping me understand what makes me, us, work together… conscious self and fleshy machine.  There’s no shortage of stumbles… falling asleep whenever the sky is overcast or the 3 am rising or the dry drunk recklessness.  But I’m getting closer and closer to whatever my personal brand of normal is.  

I’ll be utilizing this space again for its intended purpose soon enough.   You should also check out A Trip Across Movements as I’ll be talking with my work voice on over there, but I plan to hold up my end of the bargain we made around my birthday.  I have things to say, so I’m going to say them.

Now, DQ Blizzards and a movie I didn’t choose.  I will likely fall asleep during the show because the room will be dark and that’s how I fucking roll these days.

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