Doc warned me before I left that this could happen.  I’m writing this post at about 3 AM because I spent too much time in bed this afternoon, indulging naps.  Combine that with some Excedrin due to a headache, too much blue light and I’m up late.  I’m gonna try some melatonin tonight after moving around some things and creating a space for better sleep.

If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, here’s the best advice I’ve gotten on the subject:

If you’re not stuck, do what comes naturally.  Just take it easy and remember that you’re kinda drunk after all that flying.  Those first couple of days have been an interesting experience.

If you’re stuck, don’t nap.  Give yourself a chance to reset during the day.  Your body will forgive you I swear.

If you get sleepy and can’t nap, you might try low impact exercise in the sunlight.  No bullshit.  I’m going to end up doing this myself multiple times over the next couple of weeks.  I do it because I need the endorphins and it helps to be outside, but it apparently also helps with the fatigue.

Blue light during the day, more yellow light at night.  There’s solid reasons for this.  Check out f.lux to change your light settings on your computer.

Don’t do any work at night.  This one has been a hard one to hold onto but I’ve managed to do it.

Ask for help and keep asking.  Friends, family, medical professionals.  Tell people what you want and need.  Feel free to also tell people when you don’t need help and just need a hug or something.  That’s pretty important.

I’ve got good directions and a good feeling about those directions, so don’t worry about me yet.  There’s reasons for how I feel and I’m not scared.

So for tonight, my time of day is the dark time.  3:45 AM… let’s give it a shot.





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