Shockingly Normal


This morning let’s take advantage of living on Earth.

Earth, as a planetary body, has existed for about 4 billion years. It knows things, so much more than our brains and our bodies. It has learned those things through experimentation and pain. Take a minute to dwell on the fact that all the parts of your day, including you, were once and still remain star stuff. As you grapple with that complexity and history, breathe.

With each breath in, take in and feel the wisdom of a planet in your (relatively) young body while admiring the stability of it all.

With each breath out, allow the insecurity that comes with not knowing what is ahead move away from your brain and be reabsorbed by an atmosphere that was eons in the making.

Repeat, rinse with clean water and food, then check in while remembering that the same Earth that produced Prince also made Jeff Sessions.

Think about that shit for a while.

I have a lot to say but also a lot to do, so I’m going to make this one brief.

I am more than one thing. I might organize, but I also fart. I have string memory in my fingers but I also have Latuda in my bloodstream. I am a strange being that does shockingly normal things.

I am complex and so are you. Human beings are just that way. So we need to hold complexity and surprise ourselves (and each other) if we’re going to win. It doesn’t mean we give up every political position or hold no ground, but it also doesn’t mean that we should wait for the perfect ally or ideological position. In doing so, we might be clipping the wings of our own movements.

This is a thing that I am learning and have already learned all at the same time. See? More than one thing.

Take care and take it easy on yourself today and this week. Complexity is worth it.


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