Let Me Ride

Flying to yet another location to rant crazily about multiple projects to concerned lookin’ white people (totes going on the CV) I wake up to the feeling of descending. I’d fallen asleep listening to Parliament, so I came to feeling like I’d been on a spaceship full of weed smoke and bassists wearing wedding dresses. I look around, surrounded by red-eye travelers and notice that people have their phones out taking pictures out the window. Mostly they have huge smiles on their faces, some pointing happily at what they see outside.

I look out the window and see the Washington Monument, White House and US Capitol building coming into view. I’m used to seeing them from all different angles from living here for years, traveling around and out of the country multiple times a week for much of that time as an adult. I felt guilty, knowing that for most of the people on board this is something they just don’t see all the time and here I am, jaded as fuck thinking “meh.” I give myself five minutes to look out at them without my usual cynicism and instead marvel at the river and bridge. The monuments? Nice looking buildings, current (and previous) politics notwithstanding. I take no pictures because nah, bruh.

Plane lands, I exit, first meeting at 8 AM. I’m happier and (slightly) more awake than when I first woke up.


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