Let The Fire Burn


My meditation today is simple: I believe you, sis.

The rest is a TW and CW so don’t read on unless you really need to hear me.

But I believe you. I always have. I was too scared and I’m sorry.

“The sounds and smells of fire bring different images to different people. That is surprising since fire is one of our greatest tools and one of our most destructive forces. So what is fire? Is it enemy or friend? Fire in the wildlands does not have to be a villain. Fire that is low in intensity and does not grow out of control benefits our wildlands and is actually vital to the survival of several species.”

Benefits of Fire, CAL Fire.gov

There’s a lot of this that we (men) would love to say is too much. I know a lot of us are saying these kinds of things out loud. I was saying the same thing previously, in the dark, to myself.

“But what’s going to happen next to the man?”

“Is this the right thing to be doing right now?”

“What about the law?”

And all other kinds of bullshit.

I really didn’t believe the words. Neither do most of the men who let those foul thoughts crawl out of their mouths or fly off their hot little ragefingers. We don’t believe them because we know the truth: this world where we control all manner of debate and protect our penises above everything else, including the rest of our bodies, has been madness. It eats our young. It knocks down buildings. It rapes and tears and wars like a raging beast that we refuse to put down, even though we all know that the bullets it shits out can’t possibly allow crops to grow.

Yet here we are, listening to yet another man tell another woman that she’s a liar.

I didn’t come to these words easy. They crashed through air hard, like the train that used to take me to work in the morning summers when I was Kavanaugh’s age the first time he ran with his shitty friends. I didn’t do shit like that, but in the past I’ve certainly been some dude in the corner wishing I had courage I refused to see I clearly had… I just wouldn’t tap into it.

USLAW has been changing this year and as I was trying to work on stuff that will happen in the spring, I started trying to think about analogies so that I could make a theme. This National Assembly will be a good one, full of spice and flavor that can only come from some serious chemical change built on reactivity… new wine AND new wineskins? Yeah baby!

Because I’m reckless and apparently like to yell “Worldstar” in a crowded melee, I remembered that one thing that fit seasonally was the idea of the cleansing power of fire and what happens when you come out from the other side of a controlled burn. Fire, like the quote eludes to, prompts an emotional reaction that doesn’t sit well with the facts.

The truth is that fire really is fucking dangerous and can go WILDLY out of control… but only if we enter into the relationship acting like we know everything and don’t need no directions or science and shit LET”S JUST LIGHT SOME SHIT UPPPPP!!!

Otherwise known as The American Way.

Nah, we need to be smart and remember that we know things and that we have some agency. We need to be safe and confident in our knowledge.

But we need to let the fucking fire burn and men, we need to be so so SO much of the fuel that keeps it going.

The infection that has been working its way into the bone marrow is creating that foul smell from the White House. It can’t be cleansed by anything else.

The ground is littered with admired men who used their power and authority to grow fat off of the toil of smart women for too long and we can hardly walk. There are too many to bury.

I hope the controlled burn that is the multi-headed movement to remove this rot from our forest consumes everything infected… even if its me. I think we’ll survive it, if the forests are any indication. Hell, it looks like it’ll be beautiful when we do. We’ve kept things from growing for far too long.

It’s gonna hurt. Let it burn. Say thank you. Ameen.

“Change is important to a healthy forest. Some species of trees and plants are actually fire dependent. They must have fire every 3-25 years in order for life to continue. Some trees have fire resistant bark and cones that require heat to open and release
seeds for regeneration. Chaparral plants, including manzanita, chamise and scrub oak, also require intense heat for seed germination. These plants actually encourage fire by having leaves that are covered with flammable resins. Without fire, these trees and plants would eventually succumb to old age with no new generations to carry on their legacy.”