I have no real advice other than rest. The ancestors informed me that 2019 will take all that we have. Sleep, eat, be merry.


In August, we went back to South Korea and we saw Secretary Lee. She was free this time and we shared a meal with her. It was a delight to see her no longer in jail and we had a wonderful time together. Amazingly, she gave TiffanyApril, and I presents: a windchime.

There’s little I haven’t received lessons on this year but the one I’m taking into 2019 is definitely my favorite:

Real solidarity is hard as fuck, will cost you so much you’ll wonder at times why you did it in the first place, and yet is worth so much more than what you will ever pay.

Seeking it will demand that people will tell you they care about your work and respect you for doing what you are doing, only to turn around and call you a fool behind your back to gain status with others. The number of people that do this will surprise you and, over time, you’ll discover just how little that it has to do with you.

It will mean intense pain that is sometimes physical and more often than not, unrecognized.

It will mean that some friends will become bitter enemies that question your motives, tear you down when you are already suffering, and – when the hardship has passed – will ask you for help because this world is cold and hard right now on everyone.

But it’s not without striking, luminescent beauty.

Real solidarity will light up the sky. It will give you incredible insight into yourself with that light.

It will bring you new friends that turn into family so quickly that you can’t believe you haven’t known each other since birth.

It will destroy all monsters, real and imagined. Foreign and domestic. Democrat, Republican, Nazi, Decepticon.

It will connect your soul to elder Gods that have twisted their names into Gaia’s hair and keep you out of the fire.

It will leave you breathless and breathe life into your lungs at the same time.

It is the wind and we don’t need ears to hear what we can feel. But wind chimes are nice and we would do well to let them ring no matter how hard the wind is blowing.

We need this connection to each other that, as a root word, actually means linked by destiny or people whose fates are shared.

No wind, no air, no life. The Cape of Storms left that one with me too. I’ll listen and set sail. My beginnings are waiting for me, as are yours.


This is the last of these long form until 2019. Thanks for being a part of this. I had this group I was making but Facebook seems like a thing folks want to abandon. Thinking I’ll focus more on the website and other projects.

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