Reece Chenault is many things to many people.  Parent, spouse, child.  Friend, co-conspirator, keeper.  Leader, follower, adviser.  Rebel, madman, agitator. Maniac, failure, adversary.

Reece Chenault has probably been neurodivergent for a very long time, but was only really truly diagnosed in 2011.  His first hospitalization wouldn’t happen until 2014.  He started with Risperidone, Ativan, and Wellbutrin then moved on after being hospitalized a second time. He tried a few different combinations but settled eventually on Latuda. It works pretty well and he is happy to talk about how it feels, how he feels on a regular day, and what happens when he feels down while on it.

Reece Chenault has spent almost fifteen years as a union and community organizer. Currently Reece is National Coordinator for US Labor Against the War, an anti-war organization dedicated to changing the labor movement’s foreign policy from within. Reece was also a community organizer with ONE DC, a non-profit that seeks to exercise political strength to create and preserve racial and economic equity in Shaw and the District and a coordinator with the Restaurant Opportunities Center of New Orleans. Prior to that, Reece was a Member Strength Organizer for SEIU Local 500 where he worked with community allies and union members to create working relationships that could continue increasing the standard of living for Montgomery County Public Schools employees. Before that, he worked for a few other unions and went to a few colleges.  Occasionally, he slept.